Aaron John Bourque is an Artist, Photographer, Educator, and Historian. By visiting document archives and reading the landscape for the evidence of our histories, Bourque creates lyric documents that a find tension between the descriptive qualities of the photographic object, and the experience of an encounter with the world. Bourque's large format landscapes search for connection to the places we dwell and the histories we leave behind. Bourque's work is a meditation on both America's amnesiac relationship with it's history, and a call to know the places we call home. As an educator, Bourque is the founding Manager of the Center for Arts and Graphic Equipment and Studios at Mount Ida College, and a Photography Instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  Bourque holds a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Studio Art, and a Master's of Fine Art. Though originally from New Hampshire Bourque now lives in Roslindale, MA.